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Our Products

SALIGNY - MOSFET synchronous ideal rectifier

Ideal bridge - Saligny
Saligny is a diode-less bridge rectifier employing modern MOSFET's. The result is an ideal bridge that replaces the four diodes in a full-wave bridge rectifier with a miliohm Rdson MOSFET, to drastically reduce power dissipation, heat generation, voltage loss and diode on/off switching noise.
While a normal diode have at least 600mV drop at 1A, a low Rdson MOSFET will have as little as 3mV at same 1A. This is 200 times better than a PN diode and at least 100 times better than a Schottky diode. This brings better power management, less power loss and better circuit performance than any available rectifier solution.

- smaller solution size - Saligny is smaller in size than equivalent diode bridge
- maximizes power efficiency
- maximizes available voltage and current
- eliminate power thermal design problems
- eliminate the need for a heatsink
- zero switching noise
- no ringing in the transformer like PN or Schottky diodes
- if power source fails or is shorted a fast turn-off minimizes reverse current transients


- operates from DC to 600Hz
- AC operating voltage 6,5Vac to 51Vac
- DC operating voltage 9Vdc to 72Vdc
- Iq = 1,5mA
- continuous load current up to 16A or more depending on mosfet configuration.
- over 200A pulsed current at Ta = 25Celsius ( Max Rθjc = 1.0C/W, pulse duration ≤100 μs, duty cycle ≤1%)

Price 35 eur ex VAT

Saligny LC - Low Current
Saligny LC

Saligny LC offer very smaller solution size - 10 mm x 10 mm while keeping same IDEAL Diode features.


- operates from DC to 600Hz
- AC operating voltage 6Vac to 40Vac
- DC operating voltage 9Vdc to 72Vdc
- Iq = 1,5mA
- continuous load current up to 5A
- peak 8A - 500ms

Price 30 eur ex VAT

Saligny name is our small tribute to Anghel Saligny (19 April 1854 - 17 June 1925) one of the greatest engineers ever lived in Romania. His most famous masterpiece is the Fetesti-Cernavoda railway bridge (1895) over the Danube, the longest bridge in Europe at that time.
Cernavoda bridge

Coming soon:
Saligny LC - a very compact, uner 10mmx10mm, low current <= 8A synchronous rectifier. Ideal where space is a problem.
Saligny HC - a rugged synchronous rectifier able to deliver 100A continuous (200A peak) with as little 10W dissipation
Saligny HV - high voltage version of Saligny, up to 200ac and 25A.
Saligny Auto - three phase ideal rectifier, able to handle very high continuous current, up to 300A.

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